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Professional web site design based in the UK.


You may send a stack of Word documents and colour photographs and ask us to take it from there. Or you may send digital photos and rough-draft html pages for us to polish up. Or you may want us to give your existing site a "makeover." In all these cases, and for everything in between, Derek Reed Websites charges a flat rate of £30 per hour. Updates and site maintenance are also available at the same hourly rate. (I occasionally offer a discounted rate to nonprofit organizations.) A cost estimate will be provided upon request.

A preview copy of the site will be made available for your approval. Once the site is complete it will be uploaded to your server (meaning to your web address) for the world to see, and to be submitted to search engines and directories. You can then maintain the site yourself if you are so inclined, or you can employ Derek Reed Websites to update it for you periodically.

For sites under £300.00, full payment is due upon completion of the site. For sites estimated to cost over £500.00, a deposit may be required before work begins.

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