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Professional web site design based in the UK.

Derek Reed Websites (

Derek Reed Websites takes each website from conception to completion, doing as much or as little as required. This may include:

recommending a host server for your site based on your needs and budget.
Derek Reed Websites has a positive relationship with WebTapestry, but we will recommend another company if it is more appropriate for your needs.

opening a web hosting account and acting as your representative to the hosting company.

registering and managing your domain name for you.

organizing your written content, dividing it into sections and sub-sections suitable for the web.

providing editing and/or proofreading services.

scanning photos, artwork or written materials.

designing buttons, logos and other graphic elements.

creating the website and maintaining it afterwards.

submitting your site to all the major search engines and directories.

requesting link placement with special interest directories or related websites.

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