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About Derek Reed

Derek Reed originally trained as an electronics engineer with the Royal Air Force, and has worked around the world in Oman, Germany, and Hong Kong as well as various posts in the UK, and also found time to get stuck for short periods in some other strange places including USA, Italy, Ascension Island, and the Falklands, to name just a few.

He left the RAF in 1996 and currently lives and works in Hampshire, UK, where during the last 12 years he has been employed in a variety of roles including satellite controller, hardware maintainer, database developer, and intranet engineer.

His first web page (from about 1997) is still floating around on Geocities as a reminder to himself where he started, and the pitfalls to avoid when developing websites for others.

Although kept quite busy at work and home, (he is currently enjoying the company of his 2 young grandchildren) Derek also enjoys building websites, and is trying to find the time to learn new technologies to make cleaner, faster, websites viewable by the widest possible audience.

His other hobbies include philately, (He donates all left-over stamps to charity.) and cycling. He also enjoys foreign holidays in warm countries, and al fresco cookery.

Derek was recently selected to be a Team Macromedia member, an honour of which he is justly proud.


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